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March, 2006

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    Base64 Encode/Decode a string

    Today I came across . This sight is focused on Monad and MSH and is starting a collection of scripts at: . You should visit their site and let them know what type of scripts would be...
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    Monad provides a way to create new com objects with new-object $ie = New-Object -ComObject InternetExplorer.Application $ie.Navigate2( ) $ie.Visible=1 Great but what about if you want to bind to an existing object? Where...
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    Finding out what determines which properties are displayed

    MoW, a Monad newsgroup regular, asked why only the Caption, Name and PeakUsage properties were displayed from the command “get-WMIObject Win32_PageFileUsage” while the output object had a lot more properties. I think it is worth it to explain in details...
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    Dynamically loading assemblies in mshsnapins.

    In Monad, mshsnapins can be installed in a different directory from the Monad executables. At runtime, the Monad engine will load the mshsnapin assembly and its referenced assemblies based on application base information provided during mshsnapin installation...
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    Working with Sort-Object Cmdlet

    In this blog I will try to explain different features of sort-object(Sort) cmdlet. For the purpose of this blog, I assume the following objects exist: MSH C:\temp\monad> $a,$b,$c,$d Score Name ----- ---- 100 John 90 Henry 90...
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    Exclude, Include, Filter Parameters - How to make sense of these

    So how come we have three ways to filter a path in most of the core cmdlets such as in the get-item cmdlet. It is important to understand that exclude, include, and filter offer different levels of filtering. So let’s give a few examples of how...
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    How to Access or Modify StartUp Items in the Window Registry

    Some applications launch themselves whenever you start your computer and load Windows. In most cases, this is the desired behavior. However in some instances, malicious programs such as spyware, Trojans, worms, viruses load in this manner and hijack your...
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