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March, 2008

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About Mauricio Ordoñez

I'm a director in Microsoft's Developer Division and my team specializes in outreach to the developer community and independent software vendors. 

After graduating from the University of Maryland I started work in the software industry writing graphics software on the Windows 2.03 "Operating Environment".  I joined Microsoft in 1994, and I have worked in a variety of roles in our corporate headquarters in Redmond, WA and in the field.

When I'm not in front of a computer monitor I like cycling, playing golf, traveling, reading, sailing, and spending time with my family.

  • Mauricio Ordoñez

    Open XML Nuggets 2008-03-27

    Here are a few Open XML nuggets I've collected in the final days of consideration of DIS 29500 by the national standards bodies.   The Apache POI project is a Java API to access various document formats.  They have announced on their web page...
  • Mauricio Ordoñez

    Opportunity Knocks

    An open format creates new opportunities for implementation on a multitude of platforms and business models. Such is the case with Thinkfree, a South Korean software developer. Eric White interviewed Jae Hyun Park, the CTO of Thinkfree a while back, and...
  • Mauricio Ordoñez

    KPart Voodoo

    The myth that Open XML's object embedding model is not compatible with KParts is much like the reanimated corpse of a zombie. Despite being dead, it comes back. Eric White has performed some KPart voodoo that will finally allow this one to rest. This...
  • Mauricio Ordoñez

    US Technical Committee Recommends Approval of Open XML

    Doug Mahugh blogged that the US V1 Technical Committee recommended approval of DIS 29500 (Open XML) to the INCITS Executive Board. This is not the final US position, but it is an important positive step on the way to the US final position. Eric Lai...
  • Mauricio Ordoñez

    Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint goes live

    In case you missed it, with the release of Siliverlight 2 beta 1 during MIX 08 , we also made available the samples source code for the Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint . The SharePoint team blogged about the blueprint earlier in the week, but we...
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