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  • Blog Post: Dealing with PRIVATE= formatnames

    If your MSMQ environment has AD Integration installed, you can use PUBLIC= formatnames for public queues and PRIVATE= formatnames for private queues. PUBLIC= formatnames are pretty easy to work with: if you know the path of the queue, you can get or construct a PUBLIC= formatname, and if you have a PUBLIC...
  • Blog Post: MSMQ's Major Moving Parts, part one

    In MSMQ, there are two important kinds of entities. As you might expect, they are messages and queues. To MSMQ, a message is a bundle of properties. The thing you normally think of as being the message, the actual content, is one of those properties, known as the body. A survey of message properties...
  • Blog Post: What Is Queuing?

    In the computer sense, which we're discussing here, queuing is a way to get bundles of data, normally referred to as messages, from one program to another. Most descriptions of queuing use a postal metaphor, probably because it's a very good one: queuing has many features and characteristics in common...
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