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  • Blog Post: The Legacy of an Old Bug

    Internally, MSMQ uses the Windows-provided CryptoAPI to do all of its encryption and hashing. Starting with Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 2, CryptoAPI had a bug in its implementation of RC2 encryption in the enhanced (128-bit) provider: the keys were generated with an effective length of only 40 bits,...
  • Blog Post: Encryption and MSMQ4

    Just as with authentication, the security sweep for Vista and Windows Server 2008 had an effect on MSMQ's encryption feature. In previous versions, MSMQ offered two "privacy levels", BASE and ENHANCED. The two levels reflected the length of the keys used: BASE used 40-bit keys and ENHANCED used 128-bit...
  • Blog Post: Complementing MSMQ Security with WCF

    An issue that frequently causes confusion for MSMQ users is that of message encryption. A message is marked for encryption and sent off, but when it shows up in the destination queue the contents are plainly viewable in clear text. What’s going on here? Let’s look first at what MSMQ encryption actually...
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