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  • Blog Post: How to count messages in a MessageQueue

    There are a few different ways of getting a count of the number of messages in the MessageQueue. Here’s a simple one. public static int GetMessageCount( MessageQueue q) { int messageCount = 0; using ( MessageEnumerator messageEnumerator = q.GetMessageEnumerator2()) { while (messageEnumerator...
  • Blog Post: Determining Whether a Remote Queue Exists, Part 2A

    Timeouts, acknowledgements, and deadlettering, working together, will help you deal with not just the situation where a remote queue doesn't exist, but all the other things which could go wrong along a message's way from sender to destination. MSMQ has two timeouts, which can be set individually for...
  • Blog Post: Determining Whether a Remote Queue Exists, Part 1

    One of the basic principles of MSMQ's design is that sender and receiver are decoupled. The sending application does not need to know whether the receiving application is running or even reachable under current network conditions: it can just send, and let MSMQ take care of getting the message to the...
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