Why upload your Mouse Mischief lessons to the Office online site?

It takes time, energy, and creativity to create high quality lessons and keep our students engaged in learning. Even the best teachers can’t do it all by themselves. We need to draw on our community for support, feedback, encouragement, inspiration, and new ideas, approaches, and tools—not to mention lesson plans and lessons. You might say, It takes a village to teach our students as well as they deserve to be taught. That’s why it’s so important to share with other teachers the Mouse Mischief lessons you create and use successfully with your students. If you submit your multiple-mouse lessons to the Office.com site, other teachers can download them and use them or adapt them to suit their students. That saves valuable time. Being able to use your Spanish lesson on words for colors, for example, enables other teachers to spend their time creating Spanish lessons on body parts or directions, lessons that you can then use with your students.


But there’s a greater benefit. When you submit your multiple-mouse lessons, you’re helping other teachers learn new ways to use Mouse Mischief that they might not have come up with otherwise. For example, maybe you have a knack for using polling slides in your lessons, or you’ve developed a fun game in a math or grammar lesson using only yes/no slides, or you’ve found a way to teach poetry or physics using drawing slides. Others can use your lessons, sure, but they can also take your concept and apply it to lessons they create on other subjects or content. 

Whether you’re a brand new teacher or a veteran teacher, your ideas and lessons can help others save time and become better teachers. Make a contribution to the Mouse Mischief creative educationalcommunity—upload a multiple-mouse lesson.


Before you upload

Before you upload your lesson, take a minute to make sure that it meets all the Office.com template requirements:


·         Created in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 or 2007

·         Less than 10MB in size.

·         Does not contain any personal information or objectionable content

·         Contains only images and text that you own or have permission to use

Also, to help others find and use what you’ve shared, consider these questions and recommendations:

·         Is this lesson significantly different from other lessons available on the site?

·         Is the title clear and descriptive? Giving your lesson a succinct title that points clearly to the content will help other teachers find it faster.

·         Write a brief description or summary of the lesson. This is not required for submission, but it will help others determine quickly whether your lesson is appropriate and relevant to their teaching needs—without having to download the entire lesson to preview it.

How to upload your Mouse Mischief lessons

1.       Go to the Microsoft Office Online templates page.

2.       On the Templates page, click   in the bottom right corner, or click the Submit a template link under Community Resources. The Windows Live Sign-in page appears.

3.       Sign in with your Windows Live ID. The Registration page appears.

Note  If you don’t have a Windows Live ID, you can create one by clicking the Sign up button on the Registration page.

4.       On the Registration page, in the Choose Display Name box, type the name you want displayed by the content you submit. Make sure that the checkbox is selected next to Office.com may contact me at youremailaddress@youremailprovider about the content I submit.  Click Submit. The Template Submission Form page appears.

5.       In the Template Submission Form, click the Browse button and navigate to the multiple-mouse lesson on our computer that you want to upload. Double-click the file.

Note  Make sure that the file you want to upload meets all the file limitations noted on the page. For example, it must be a PowerPoint 2010 or 2007 file that is not larger than 10 MB. 

6.       The file name of your lesson will automatically be entered as the title for your lesson. If you want to change the title, you can type a new title in the Enter a title box.  You can also type a description in the Enter a description box.  A description is not necessary, but adding one is recommended, because it will help other teachers decided more quickly if your lesson is appropriate for their classes or not.

7.       In the Select categories box, click the choose manually (advanced) link. In the Manual category entry box, scroll to the Presentations heading, and then click Multiple-Mouse presentations.

8.       Click Submit. A Thank You screen will appear, where you can easily submit more lessons if you wish. Your lesson will be reviewed and Office online will contact you via your Windows Live email address about whether it has been accepted and posted on the site.