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  • Blog Post: Back to School with Mouse Mischief

    Everything’s new at the beginning of the school year—classmates, classrooms, teachers, schedules, grade, content, maybe even the school. That can make everybody a little nervous. How you start a new school year can influence how your year progresses, so you want to make sure you get off to...
  • Blog Post: Share your multiple-mouse lessons!

    Why upload your Mouse Mischief lessons to the Office online site? It takes time, energy, and creativity to create high quality lessons and keep our students engaged in learning. Even the best teachers can’t do it all by themselves. We need to draw on our community for support, feedback,...
  • Blog Post: Lesson Plans and Summer 2010

    I recently polled our Facebook followers about how they spend their summer : “What do most teachers do during the summer months?” The answers were incredibly varied and surprising. For example, o ne teacher wrote , “I take classes, revise lesson plans and try to recover from the...
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