What an amazing week it was last week at TechReady 9 in Seattle!

TechReady is a conference where the Microsoft product teams and the field get to exchange information.  It’s a sort of meeting of the minds.  The product teams, in turn, get to ask questions of the field in order to better understand how products are being leveraged by customers.

Learning about the enormous amount of innovation coming from the product teams is akin to drinking from a fire hose.  I’m always amazed at the wealth of innovation that flows from these teams.  It’s truly amazing and inspiring to see.  I’m constantly impressed by Microsoft’s ability to envision long-term and align the business and the engineering teams in order to realize, unrelentingly, a set of shared goals. 

Many people don’t realize the full depth and breadth of innovation that occurs within this company.  It isn’t just Windows and Office.  It isn’t just about the “search war” with Bing.

These incremental product improvements are about taking steps towards the realization of a future that could be.  Our strength lies in the interwoven tapestry of innovation that spreads between and through our products.

At the very core, the engine of innovation is Microsoft Research.  I’m truly thankful to be working for a company which is willing to make such long-term strategic investments in not just its future, but the future of the world.  Perhaps I am a little naive, but I really do believe that.  And belief is a powerful motivator for change.

I wish I could share the little glimpse of the future that I’ve seen while at TechReady, but unfortunately I can’t.  I guess you’ll have to trust me when I tell you that the ride is far from over.  We’re just changing roller coasters, so hang onto your hats.  The best is yet to come.