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  • Blog Post: New Facebook Page for East Coast BizSpark Startups

    In an effort to keep our East Region BizSpark startups informed of events in the region, we’ve set up a new BizSpark East Facebook page. We’ll post upcoming events and information of interest to our startups in the region. I made a TinyURL for this at . Direct link to...
  • Blog Post: Developer’s Roadmap to Windows Phone 7 Launch Timing

    The WP7 info for developers keeps rolling in. This is fresh off the WP7 Developer Blog. Read the whole thing for details. A Developer’s Roadmap to Windows Phone 7 Launch Timing Of course, it’s not just the big names in development who are going to bring great titles to Windows Phone 7 customers. There...
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure One Month Pass

    If you’re looking to check out Azure development without a commitment, this program will give you access to Azure without a credit card for a month. Windows Azure One Month Pass Windows Azure One Month Pass •Learn about the Windows Azure platform with no steep learning curve •With Windows Azure you pay...
  • Blog Post: BizSpark Startup Solvate is recruiting Microsoft-Certified Talent

    BizSpark Startup Solvate matches high-end talent with companies that need work done. They’re looking to add more Microsoft-certified talent to their ever growing network. Solvate is actively recruiting Microsoft-Certified Talent Our Gig Economy-inspired Solvate500 campaign to recruit 500 of the best...
  • Blog Post: Boston Startup Scene: Marsh Sutherland of SocialGrow

    Boston Startup Scene is a new video series showcasing the amazing BizSpark startups of Boston, learning who they are, what they’re up to, and how Microsoft technology is helping them deliver the next generation of software. I’m kicking it off with Marsh Sutherland, President & Co-Founder of SocialGrow...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Hearts Developers With WebsiteSpark (via TechDrawl)

    Great discussion here. Microsoft Senior Director Larry Gregory interviews Tom Leonard from CentricSites about his business, the cloud, and the WebsiteSpark program. Full link .
  • Blog Post: BizSpark Startup Linxter Launches Azure Based MonitorGrid

    BizSpark Startup Linxter is launching a new product called MonitorGrid. It's a server health service that was conceived and developed as part of one of our BizSpark Incubation Weeks last year. I was able to talk to Linxter CEO Jason Milgram today about MonitorGrid and about the future of the project...
  • Blog Post: Ignite ATL on April 19th

    Just a quick note… Ignite Atlanta is happening on on Monday, April 19th and Microsoft BizSpark is a sponsor. Check out the video below. You can sign up here . You can get more info about Ignite Atlanta at . Ignite Atlanta from blake on Vimeo .
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