You may have noticed the the MSDN Web Services Developer Center, which I am in charge of, is different from the other developer centers on MSDN. (see the current list of developer centers on the MSDN home page).  This is because the Web services Dev Center was there first. :)

When we released Visual Studion .NET 2003 we also released a bunch of new developer centers.  The new developer centers have new templates and are created with new tools.  This is compared to the Web services developer center which is actually created largely by hand and uses different templates.

Well...we are catching up with the new developer centers in July so you can look forward to seeing the new and improved look and feel along with a few organizational changes.  Things won't be drastically different, but it will be a little easier to see exactly what is new on the site. 

It will also make the business of updating the site much easier.