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October, 2004

  • Matt Powell

    Did you know there is a new TechNet Magazine?

    From the people who gave you (and continue giving you) MSDN Magazine , a new kid on the block has arrived. Yes, it is TechNet magazine for all you IT Pros out there (and I know a lot of you are also developers). The first issue is now available online...
  • Matt Powell

    WinDev - Here I Am

    I just arrived in Boston for WinDev 2004. This looks like an exceptional conference this year and based on the speakers presenting, it looks like the attendees are in for a real treat. Of course I will be spending my time with the Web Services track and...
  • Matt Powell

    Message Based Security is Way Cool

    Here at the Applied XML Developers Conference in the center of the unknown world, Stevenson, WA, there is definitely a well-represented camp that believes that SOAP envelopes are not particularly worth while and we should just use SSL for security. What...
  • Matt Powell

    Off to the XML Developers Conference

    I'm jumping in my car and driving down to Chris's XML Developers Conference this afternoon. I attended last year and will be sure to bring my xpath t-shirt. I should make it to the get together tonight (assuming traffic is not too bad and no nearby volcanoes...
  • Matt Powell

    VB Content Strategist will need to live in Redmond

    I seem to be getting this question from everyone. Yes the Visual Basic Content Strategist position I am looking to fill is a position in Redmond. This is really non-negotiable for me. Also, I appreciate everyone who has sent me queries about the position...
  • Matt Powell

    Wanted: VB Content Strategist

    Congratulations to Duncan for the life-changing event . But Duncan has decided to make another change as well and will be moving into a full-time development position here within MSDN (although I believe we will still be hearing from him in the way of...
  • Matt Powell

    WS-Management Released

    Microsoft, Sun, AMD, and DELL released the WS-Management specification last Friday. Check out Omri's post on the subject where he talks about how simple it was to build this higher level specification on the back of the base architecture (the stuff in...
  • Matt Powell

    WS-Security Interop: This is a Big Deal

    Last week we published Simon's new Web Services Interop page . He published a total of 3 articles on Web services interoperability. I held off headlining one of them on the MSDN Web Services Developer Center. Not because it wasn't is very...
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