During my weekly meeting with my boss (the best time to do stupid things, don't you think?) I had my tablet pc in hand and was taking a few notes w/ the pen.  We got into a discussion of one sort or another when suddenly, SNAP!  As I'm akin to do with normal pens, I was pushing my finger under the clip that holds the pen onto a nerd's pocket protector and snap it broke off.  I didn't think too much of this since I don't actually wear pocket protectors, nor do I hang pens on things that require the clips.  But as I walked back to my office and attempted to insert the tablet pen back in it's little tablet pen slot, I was educated that those clips are not just for holding a pen on a pocket protector.  My pen now will not stay in the slot.  Ugh!

The good news is that I ordered a spare pen when I ordered the computer.  The bad news is that I believe it was about a $28 piece of equipment.

I now put on white gloves before I remove my last pen from its holder.