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January, 2005

  • Matt Powell

    MTOM reaches W3C Recommendation

    Congratulations to everyone involved in the MTOM effort. Today it became an official W3C Recommendation . This is now the standardized way to send binary data within a SOAP message. Hopefully we will have supported implementations soon. -Matt
  • Matt Powell might want to grab a kleenex...

    I was out sick yesterday with something my daughters gave me. I woke up this morning feeling much better (fever symptoms all gone) but I still had a bit of a runny nose. But this morning I had a dentist appointment to fix some fillings that I managed...
  • Matt Powell

    Mark Fussell on Binary XML

    Mark Fussell, currently working on WSE, let's loose on the W3C work on binary XML . Mark makes some good points. A few points of mine: I realize that you could trivially come up with a binary format that could replace XML, but then you need to get everyone...
  • Matt Powell

    Omri on the Web Services Architecture

    Omri talks about the Web services architecture on Channel 9. -Matt
  • Matt Powell

    New Feature of the MSDN Web Services Developer Center

    Many of the folks who read this blog read it on the home page of the MSDN Web Services Developer Center . On the dev center we added a new section on the hompage entitled "Most Active Web Services Newsgroup Discussions". This is an ASP.NET control that...
  • Matt Powell

    Web Services in 2005

    Back from a two week vacation (okay, I was back yesterday, but I was really busy yesterday), I wanted to reflect a little on the coming year and where Web services will be going. To start off I want to say where we are with Web services. First of all...
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