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March, 2005

  • Matt Powell

    He's everywhere!

    At the risk of being accused of stalking, I've got another Ari link on Indigo for everyone. This time in my favorite web medium: text (as opposed to streaming video). Now...
  • Matt Powell

    Indigo Indigo Indigo on Video Video Video

    Want to learn about Indigo? Check out the full series of Indigo Day content from this year's VSLive! And for those of you who can never get enough of Ari Bixhorn (isn't that all of us?) can see Ari's keynote at Web Services Edge 2005 where he repeats...
  • Matt Powell

    What is the Status of the WS-* Specs?

    Jorgen put together a mapping of the current state of affairs when it comes to the WS-* specifications and where they are on the road to becoming industry standards. You will find this diagram on the Workshops page . We won't be updating it with every...
  • Matt Powell

    Children and Humor

    It occured to me recently that one of the greater joys I have of my children growing is to see their sense of humor develop. It begins somewhere around 5 years old where they start to get a knack for the rhythm of a joke. Here's one I recently heard from...
  • Matt Powell

    WSE Policy Advisor from MS Research

    The folks at Microsoft Research have put together a tool, the WSE Policy Advisor , that looks at your WS-Policy files for WSE and makes suggestions on problems and holes. And as of today it has been updated to work with the brand spanking new SP3 of WSE...
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