What a mouthful!

That's right, we've changed our name, our layout and what we talk about.  The MSDN Web Services Developer Center is now the MSDN Web Services and Other Distributed Technologies Developer Center.

Please accept my apologies for the senseless waste of pixels required for our new name, especially now with the price of pixels per barrell at record highs.  But our new Sports Utility sized name was deemed necessary for several reasons:

  • A central place was needed to discuss the use of other Web service and related technologies, like .NET Remoting, Enterprise Services, Message Queuing and even COM+.
  • We needed to evolve our site to encompass our next generation of Web service technology: Indigo
  • We needed to evolve our site to encompass our next generation unified programming model for developing distributed applications: Indigo

This really became apparent when customers were asking what technologies they should use today and how should they evolve them to be ready for Indigo.  So instead of expecting our customers to track down information that lived in about 12 different locations, and because we needed a home for a bunch of new content we are producing comparing these technologies and providing guidance on how and where to use them, we decided to bring all this information together under our flagship distributed technology: Web services.

Make sure you check out our first article in the series on distributed technologies guidance: Richard Turner's Developing Distributed Services Today.