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  • Blog Post: Free Microsoft Virtual Server

    Web service developers are often using virtual servers to setup a virtual netwrk of services. Well now you can get Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 for free . -Matt
  • Blog Post: WS-Transfer, WS-Enumeration and WS-Eventing to W3C

    Jeffrey Schlimmer points out that these three specs have been submitted to the W3C. -Matt
  • Blog Post: Common WSE Kerberos Problem

    Mark Fussell discusses a common problem when using WSE 3.0 and Kerberos security . He answers the following question: I need advice with WSE 3.0 and implementing a web service that requires a Kerberos token. It seems that my simple web service and Windows client should be straight-forward but I’m...
  • Blog Post: Channel 9: WCF Interop Plug-Fest

    Kirill Gavrylyuk and Jorgen Thelin talk about the WCF interop Plug-Fest on Channel 9 where WS-* implementations from different vendors are tested to make sure they work with one another. Don't miss it. -Matt
  • Blog Post: William Tay Writes about Securing WCF

    William Tay just published the second article in a two part series on WCF over on The ServerSide.NET. This one on Securing WCF Services . Check it out. -Matt
  • Blog Post: Content Strategist Wanted!

    I'm currently looking for a Content Strategist to work on my team here at MSDN. If you want to be the face of Microsoft to the developer community on the biggest developer web site in the world, let me know. Although I currently have holes on the C#, .NET Framework, WinFX and SQL developer centers...
  • Blog Post: Windows Communication Foundation CTP

    If you haven't already heard, the WinFX January CTP released a couple days ago. You can find more information here . -Matt
  • Blog Post: Update to WSERM for WSE 3.0 Available

    We just posted an update to the WS-ReliableMessaging sample code that George Copeland wrote that works with the RTM bits of WSE 3.0. George posted his original code with the initial CTP release of WSE 3.0. The new version works with the RTM versions of the .NET Framework 2.0 and WSE 3.0. -Matt
  • Blog Post: WSE 3.0 - Run released WSE on released .NET Framework 2.0

    It's available! Get the final release of WSE 3.0 today. You also want to check out the updated Hands on Labs on messaging and security . -Matt
  • Blog Post: Launched!

    With the Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005 and BizTalk Server 2006 launch, MSDN made a few changes too... For starters, with a new product like Visual Studio 2005 we assume that most people are either going to want to download the shipping version or figure out just what is in the new version so...
  • Blog Post: Almost Monday...

    On Monday, November 7th, Microsoft will launch Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005 and BizTalk Server 2006. This is the first in long series of product launches from Microsoft over the coming year that will culminate in the release of Windows Vista. Of course you will want a released version of WSE...
  • Blog Post: Web Services Secure Exchange Technical Committee Created at Oasis

    The Oasis standards body created a technical committee today to finalize WS-Trust, WS-SecureConversation and WS-SecurityPolicy. It's name: The Web Services Secure Exchange Technical Committee. This is the final step in the Workshop Process to get these Web services specs standardized. For more info...
  • Blog Post: Are you ready for Launch?

    At MSDN , we are frantic about getting ready for the upcoming launch of Visual Studio 2005 , SQL 2005 and Biztalk 2006 . The launch events are being organized, the VPs are all getting in line , Steve is preparing for the keynote , we are revamping the MSDN homepage , our developer centers , scrubbing...
  • Blog Post: WS-TX to Oasis

    Jorgen pointed out that Oasis announced the formation of a technical committee on WS-TX yesterday. Then points out the article on CBDI that says great things about the WS-* effort and the whole Workshop Process. Of all the WS-* specs, WS-TX always seemed like the spec(s) that had the longest to go...
  • Blog Post: Intro to WCF Channels

    Yasser Shohoud, Program Manager on the Windows Communication Foundation team, introduces the concept of WCF Channels which provides a mechanism for plugging in different transports for passing your WCF messages around on. -Matt
  • Blog Post: WSE 3.0 October CTP Available!

    The latest Community Technology Preview of Web Services Enhancements 3.0 is now available. Yes, it is the October WSE 3.0 CTP . This will be the last CTP before the final release in November. Be sure and let us know of any problems in the Product Feedback Center . -Matt
  • Blog Post: GeeksWithBlogs Podcast on Windows Communication Foundation

    Richard Turner and Payam Shodjai talk about the Windows Communication Foundation (you know, Indigo) on . They talk about the Indigo Roadshow (one more date today and one more on Wednesday) and what they are telling people about WCF. -Matt
  • Blog Post: I'm Optimistic...What can I Say?

    The single biggest take-away I had from the PDC came from the first keynote. It was the reality that Microsoft will be releasing Windows Vista and Office 12 at the same time next year. This will certainly be good for Microsoft's bottom line. The graphic requirements will mean a lot of people will be...
  • Blog Post: MSN Web Services

    MSN felt that they reached critical mass with their technologies for developers so during PDC they launched the MSN Developer Center . Included in their offering of developer technologies are Web services interfaces to MSN Search and MSN Virtual Earth. Be sure and check them out. -Matt
  • Blog Post: PDC Presentation Materials

    If you didn't make it down to PDC in Los Angeles, or if you did and would still like to see the final slides and/or sample code from the presentations, head over the public Commnet web site (Commnet is the event Web site that is usually only accessible to attendees -- but not this year). Although it...
  • Blog Post: It's Starting to Get Exciting...

    It's always fun to see how Microsoft gears up for the PDC . Here at MSDN we are scrambling like mad to stay on top of all the different technologies that are being announced and have content around them that need to be published simultaneously with one or another keynote. I'll be heading down to LA myself...
  • Blog Post: Welcome to the MSDN Web Services and Other Distributed Technologies Developer Center

    What a mouthful! That's right, we've changed our name, our layout and what we talk about. The MSDN Web Services Developer Center is now the MSDN Web Services and Other Distributed Technologies Developer Center . Please accept my apologies for the senseless waste of pixels required for our new name...
  • Blog Post: Problem with the WSE 3.0 July CTP

    Two problems were found with the just published WSE 3.0 July CTP . 1. The Add Web Reference feature in the July CTP version of Visual Studio 2005 does not generate a WSE enabled proxy. To work around the problem, modify the generated proxy base class from System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHttpClientProtocol...
  • Blog Post: WSE 3.0 July CTP

    The WSE team has put out an update to their earlier WSE 3.0 technical preview, but before you rush out and install it be aware that the new WSE 3.0 July CTP REQUIRES the July CTP of .NET Framework 2.0 or the July CTP of Visual Studio 2005. The July CTPs of the .NET Framework and Visual Studio are only...
  • Blog Post: Questions about WSE 3.0

    One of the most common questions I'm getting here at TechEd is, "What's new in WSE 3.0?" The single biggest answer is that it is completely integrated with Whidbey (Visual Studio 2005 and the .NET Framework 2.0). You are required to have the .NET Framework 2.0 installed to install the technical preview...
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