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August, 2006

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About Espresso Fueled Agile Development

In my little corner of the 'net, I'll be discussing my projects at patterns & practices, my views on Agile development, particularly Scrum, Extreme Programming, Test Driven Development, collocated work areas, and anything else that strikes my fancy.


So, who is Michael Puleio? 

Michael Puleio is a software developer, pragmatic agilest, and coffee addict. He is an advocate for agility within Microsoft, evangelizing such practices as acceptance test driven development (ATDD), test driven design (TDD), pair programming, test automation, and continuous integration. Mike joined Microsoft in 2000, and is currently part of the patterns & practices team. While at p&p, Mike has been a Dev Lead on the Web Client Software Factory, Smart Client Software Factory, Composite UI Application Block, and a co-author on the Acceptance Test Engineering Guide. He previously worked with MSN, MSNTV (formerly WebTV), and other software companies, specializing in a wide range of areas including geophysics software and computer reservation systems.

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