A few weeks ago, a film crew from CNN International visited Microsoft to do a segment on how Microsoft is looking at the workplace of the future (Alan talked about it at the time).  They talked to the Workplace Advantage group, the team that helped patterns & practices put together our "Agile Development Center."  I have mentioned the Workplace Advantage and our space a few times in the past (p&p Team Space, p&p Team Space Update, p&p Team Space Update - Revisited, Team Rooms Increase Productivity).  The CNN film crew ended up over in the patterns & practices space after they discovered that our team had already moved into one of these "future" environments. 

The segment is interesting, and highlights a number of things that the Workplace Advantage team is doing on campus and as they look ahead.  This segment is part of a series that also looked at a few other companies as well.  Check out the entire series: