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May, 2005

  • Michael Rys

    Recursion and FOR XML

    Kent just published an example on how to get recursive XML structures (think employee-manager). The new version of the FOR XML whitepaper actually contains a section with such a sample (I need to get the MSDN team to publish it). I don't want to spoil...
  • Michael Rys

    SQL Server 2000 SP4 RTM released

    Finally, all SP4 bugs are fixed and all tests are passing: We have achieved lift off for SQL Server 2000 SP4. This is the best tested and most secure SQL Server 2000 yet. You can find it for download at microsoft.com for both 32-bit and 64-bit. For...
  • Michael Rys

    Do XML Schema collections enable data tampering?

    A recent weblog entry by Jim Fawcett that recaps Jon's recap of our wireside chat contains the following sentence: Yukon's association of XML schemas with its XML datatype exposes ap plications to tampering, a problem Rys believes Oracle is addressing...
  • Michael Rys

    More speaking events: TechEd Europe and SQLPASS 2005

    Here is an update on two more events where I will be speaking and where I hope to meet some of you: TechEd 2005 Europe, Amsterdam (The Netherlands), July 5-8, 2005 I will be giving the presentation on Together at Last: Combining XML and Relational...
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