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  • Blog Post: FIMCM: EnvelopedCMS decryption failed. Fall back to AES Method

    Recently worked a fairly easy Certifcate Management case. I know! I know! Easy Certificate Management issue! :-D Well, in this case, the exception in the FIM Certificae Management Event Log was very helpful. I created a wiki dumping the event long and the resolution. Check it out here .
  • Blog Post: FIM CM: There is no object on the server

    Recently, a co-worker of mine was working on an issue concerning the error message " There is no such object on the server " while attempting to un-block a Smart Card. He took the time to write up the issue. Pretty impressive write up. You can find it here .
  • Blog Post: Welcome !

    So here's the long-awaited blog from the MS Identity support team. We're the guys you call / email / web contact when you're stuck on: Microsoft Identity Integration Server aka MIIS Identity Lifecycle Manager aka ILM Certificate Lifecycle Manager aka CLM there ! I wanted to get those keywords...
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