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  • Blog Post: HOWTO: How to loop through proxyAddresses and update the primary SMTP

    The purpose of this document is to provide an illustration of how to setup a Management Agent Rules Extension to loop through the list of proxyAddresses and based on the mail suffix set/change the Primary SMTP address. Disclaimer This document is an illustration. It is...
  • Blog Post: O365DIRSYNC - Backend SQL Server Database is full

    All, Here is a document on the issue for Office 365 / DirSync where we are using SQL Server Express with DirSync and the backend database is running out of space. OFFICE 365 DIRSYNC - SQL BACKEND IS FULL :
  • Blog Post: How to clear the run history

    All, A while back, I provided a link to a script to show an example of how to clear the run history. I still get a lot of questions about the Run History, and clearing it. I have put this document together to hopefully help answer the questions about clearing the run history. How to clear the run...
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