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  • Blog Post: Troubleshooting: FIM Service stops intermittently - FIM Service fails to start

    Overview Recently, I worked on an issue where we saw the FIM Service (Forefront Identity Manager Service) intermittently stopping as well as failing to start. In issue such as this one, the first place that we need to start is reviewing the Event Logs. Specifically the System Event Log which captures...
  • Blog Post: Migrating from MIIS or ILM to FIM 2010

    It seems more and more are upgrading from there builds of IIFP/MIIS/ILM and going to FIM 2010. Here is a document that should assist in migrating to FIM 2010. Migrating from MIIS or ILM to FIM 2010:
  • Blog Post: MIIS/ILM/FIM Versions of SQL Server as backend

    A fairly common question to support is can I use this build of SQL with my build of ILM. Yes, FAQ may answer some of this, or System Requirements, but normally it is more specific than that, so I with my team have created this document to help out. What version of SQL Server for the backend. http...
  • Blog Post: GalSync creates contacts that are not seen in the GAL

    This is a known issue, and also is a common issue that support receives. During my last call on this topic, I was asked about the permissions needed to run the Get-MailContact. You can find my write up on this topic here .
  • Blog Post: Full Import (Stage Only) causes FIM Synchronization Service (miiserver.exe) to crash

    Recently, I was working an issue where I experienced the FIM Synchronization Service crashing. The resolution ultimately ended up to delete the connector space. However, here is the write up on it. Full Import (Stage Only) causes FIM Synchronization Service (miiserver.exe) to crash : http://social...
  • Blog Post: PCNS: Event ID 6025 - target could not be authenticated

    Worked another PCNS issue receiving the Event ID 6025 where the target could not be authenticated. I did some research and found that there was information on the Event ID 6025, but it dealt with the issue that is not SPN related. So I comprised a document dealing with the 6025 event id that involves...
  • Blog Post: SSPR - Password Reset Registration: An error was encountered. Please call helpdesk or your system.

    Recently I worked an issue involving the FIM 2010 Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) product. I did spend some time troubleshooting it, so I wanted to take the time to document what I did and the items that were reviewed to help fix the issue. I do maintain a TechNet Wiki as well, which is where I...
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