As promised it is time to follow up with the PM jobs from our debugger expansion (Test to follow soon, promise!).  There are three main areas we are hiring into the debugger for:

Native C/C++ debugging PM
As mentioned in my previous posting, this is an area that will see us considerably staff up.  We're looking for someone who can connect with this customer segment, and drive new experiences in this space.  See more details for this job here.

Debugger strategy / partner relationship PM
This post is for a senior PM who will drive our relationship with external partners such as Intel, AMD and people extending the debugger in VS, as well as our internal platform partners like Windows and the CLR.  This person will be excellent at building relationships and working with others.  They will be responsible for developing the next generation of debugger extensibility APIs.  See the details here.

HPC debugging/diagnostics PM
This post is for a senior PM who can quickly come up to speed on the HPC customer segment, understand their needs in the debugging and diagnostics space, and start to build a product and business plan around tools in this space.  This person will be customer focused, and be comfortable presenting product and funding plans to senior management.  Ideally, you'd be able to code some prototypes too.  Get the skinny here.

Recently our profiler/code coverage PM headed to pasture's new, so if you are interested in this area, look at the job description here.

Again, if you do end up applying, feel free to mention the blog, or contact me through the blog if you want more information or details,

Cheers now,