There are two different choices for coffee sizes when using the Starbucks coffee machines here at work:

8 oz or 12 oz

If you select the 8 oz option you will see that nothing comes out but sweet black mud.  If you select the 12 oz option, and pay very close attention to what comes out, you will see that it starts out as pure unadulterated coffee for the first few ounces.  However, the remaining ounces are a combination of pure coffee and water.  My suspicion is that you still get 8 oz of real coffee and then 4 oz of water.  I like to call this coffee the Starbuck's Mutt Blend. 

Like the people trapped in the Plato's parable of The Cave, my coffee drinking co-workers seem to be oblivious to what is really going on when they step up to the machine to get what they think is a "big" cup of coffee.  Knowing how the parable of how The Cave ended, I have decided to keep my mouth shut about this ugly truth.

Since no one actually reads this blog, (other than mindless web bots and bored former co-workers (whose coffee is already weaker than a Google programmer)), I'm sure my discovery will be safe with me.