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December, 2005

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    See you in the new year!

    If you're wondering why the blog's been so quiet it's because pretty much all the MSBuild team is out or will be out on assorted vacations through the end of the year. Don't worry though, we'll be back in January with a whole slew of new content including...
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    Sprint 10 Review

    Today we're holding our Sprint 10 review. If you recall we do sprints for both dogfooding support and platform work. Here's a recap of what we accomplished in the last month. Dogfooding Six more teams within Visual Studio completed converting...
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    How To: Return Additional Information on Outputs from a Project

    We got a great question today from an internal team at Microsoft that is working on some custom build process for their specific application: We have a project whose output is both libraries and header files. What is the best way to return those outputs...
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    AssemblyInfoTask Version 1.0.51130.0 is now available!

    I just posted an updated version of the AssemblyInfoTask and its source code to our GotDotNet user sample page . This new release fixes support for Visual J# projects, includes an updated installer that installs the task into the Global Assembly Cache...
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    Craig's On-Going MSBee Discussions

    Craig is a developer in our customer experience team who is working on the v1.1 build support in MSBuild feature (a.k.a. MSBee ). I didn't realize until today that he's not only working on it, he's blogging about what's going into developing it. He's...
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