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November, 2006

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    Multi-Targeting : How does it work?

    So in my last post , I described the multi-targeting feature at a very high level. I discussed how there will be three frameworks that you can build "for", and how there will be two toolsets - i.e. .NET Framework 2.0 / MSBuild 2.0 toolset, and the .NET...
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    MSBuild, Orcas, and Multi-targeting

    Disclaimer: Since I am talking about Orcas, and as of yet unreleased software, what follows is subject to change. So if you were curious enough to dig into what the October 2006 Orcas CTP contained, you might have seen something related to MSBuild...
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    MSBuild / Visual Studio aware error messages and message formats

    MSBuild recognizes error messages and warnings that have been specially formatted by many command line tools that typically write to the console. For instance, take a look at the following error messages - they are all properly formatted to be MSBuild...
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