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October, 2007

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    Enabling multiprocessor support in an MSBuild host

    As you know, MSBuild in .NET 3.5 adds support for building projects concurrently. MSBuild.exe exposes this support with the new /m switch , and because Team Build uses MSBuild to build projects, it will get a speed up as well. In this release, Visual...
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    Manifest resource names changed for .resources files

    Juergen Bayer notified us of an issue introduced in MSBuild in .NET 3.5 "Orcas". The problem is if you have any items of type EmbeddedResource in your project file that are actually .resources format, rather than the usual .resx. In other words, for some...
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    Using MSBuild as a generic scripting language

    I just got a pretty interesting mail from Dave Hickey at Premera, describing how his team is using MSBuild as a generic scripting language: We thought you might be interested in how we use MSBuild here. Sure, we use it for compiling our .NET projects...
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    Multitargeting against .NET 2.0

    If you're using the new VS 2008 multitargeting features to target .NET 2.0 you should be aware that in VS 2008 they have a limitation related to service packs. In .NET 2.0 SP1, the CLR team has added a few types to existing .NET 2.0 assemblies. For...
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