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November, 2007

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    Response to the feature poll

    There were over 80 responses to my recent post asking for feedback on where MSBuild should be heading (if the graph doesn't appear, it's here ). Thank you all for your thoughtful allocations! Let's go through each one in decreasing order of ...
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    MSBuild 3.5 "Orcas" has now shipped

    MSBuild 3.5 "Orcas" has now shipped. You can get the free download from here . It's included in the free Express Editions and of course Visual Studio 2008 itself. I'll blog about what's new in MSBuild 3.5 in due course, but the main features are: ...
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    How would you spend $100 on MSBuild?

    We're currently planning for our next version (aka, "Dev10" - no code name this time) and subsequent releases. In that spirit, I'd like to do a quick poll of MSBuild aficionados to help us keep our "vision" for MSBuild aligned with yours, our customers...
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    What are Targets, Tasks, and Tools?

    I've heard these confused in the context of MSBuild, so let's talk a little about what they are: * A TARGET is a grouping of tasks (often 1) designed to do a particular job. For example, a Link target would be designed to produce a final binary from...
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