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  • Blog Post: Better Parallelism in MSBuild 4 with YieldDuringToolExecution

    Introduction In MSBuild 4 we introduced several performance improvements, particular for large interdependent builds. By and large they are automatic and you receive their benefit without making any changes to the way your build process in authored. However, there are still some cases where we are...
  • Blog Post: MSBuild 4 Detailed Build Summary

    Introduction When we were developing the current version of MSBuild, we spent a lot of time analyzing builds to determine where our performance issues lay. The standard logging, even on diagnostic verbosity and with the performance summary enabled (/clp:PerformanceSummary=true on the MSBuild command...
  • Blog Post: Build Extensibility with .NET Framework 4

    Introduction With the release of .NET Framework 4 and Visual Studio 2010 comes MSBuild 4.0. Among the many great features in this version are new mechanisms to allow you (or your build lab) to extend the default build targets files with your own customizations. While some of this functionality did...
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