Hello everyone!  I'm Roshni and I'm also here as a Microsoft Explorer.  I'm working along with Charley, Eyiwunmi, and Byron with the MSBuild team.  Right now we're taking programming classes in the morning, and shadowing other Microsoft employees.  Later we'll be working on making power toys for MSBuild.

The first few days here have been pretty intense!  After a few days of getting aquainted with our surroundings and meeting our roommates, we had NEO on Tuesday with the regular interns.  We met the other 21 Explorers, and in the afternoon, we met with our mentors and groups.  Alex, our mentor, gave us an intro about MSBuild, and I think we were a little confused, but now everything is definitely becoming much clearer.

Today was our first day of shadowing, which was really interesting.  I shadowed Rajeev, a dev person.  He explained incredibly well what MSBuild is and now I really can't wait to start working on it more.  I think I finally understand the importance and significance of MSBuild.  Now I think we're off to an Explore Microsoft BBQ.  Food, yay!