The past year has been a challenging one in almost every industry, and technology is no exception. That being said, if you’ve made it through the last 12 months, it shows your resilience as an organization. Fortunately, many leading indicators are starting to point upwards. What that means is that now is the time to act to get yourself strategically positioned for the recovery. During times like these, key performance indicators (KPIs) become more important than ever before. In order to emerge stronger than your competitors, you need to watch the right numbers, and make sure your organization is making the right amount of progress in the right areas. Attend this webcast presented by two of the top partners in the US when it comes to KPIs. We will discuss which KPIs are the most important to watch over the next year, and how you should adjust your ‘every day’ KPIs as we move from recession to recovery. By making the right adjustments in how you monitor KPIs, and making sure you are watching the appropriate KPIs, you will position yourself with a competitive advantage over others in your marketplace.

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