As our regular readers know, we have been in the process of deploying the RTM version of MOM 2005 into our production environment.  To this point the deployment has been nothing short of brilliant.


MOM 2005 works seamlessly with the MOM 2000 installation allowing us to dual home a single agent with two different sets of managers, data sources and rules.  This has allowed us to run and collect all of our standard data with the MOM 2005 installation and directly compare it to the MOM 2000 collection.


But above all else it has allowed us to maintain full operational availability.


Monday morning we were able to switch the data sources for our tools without the users experiencing even a minor outage.  There was a slight skinware problem, but it was easily resolved.


This is the THE upgade scenario for enterprises seeking to deploy MOM 2005 over MOM 2000.  At this point the only reason I can see why someone would not use this scenario is the cost of new equipment (MOM 2005 managers and MOM 2000 managers cannot be on the same server and of course the database name is hard coded so you cannot share a database server either).


Now we just need to pull the MOM 2000 agents and managers out of the environment.


Things can’t go that smoothly can they?