finally has a championship team.  It’s only been 25ish years since Seattle has been able to boast of a national championship in professional sports.  But us sports fan in Seattle should really take a moment to celebrate this feat, after all, it may be another 25ish years before we see another championship.  It’s not as though the Mariners are leading the charge.  After winning 116 games, that team has taken a long ride down a very short hill to the bowels of Major League Baseball.  If it hadn’t been for Ichiro breaking the single season hits record, the Mariners might as well not have existed this year.  And after much ado, the Supersonics look to be in prime shape to play up to their mediocre standard.  Now the Seahawks are another story.  They actually have to potential to be a real team.  Before the season even began, the national sport writers were talking about the Seahawks as a potential championship team.  You have no idea how much I would love to believe that.  But after getting thumped by St. Louis, a division rival, with 24 unanswered points in the 4th quarter and 9 dropped passes…it’s tough to look at the remaining schedule and see a Super Bowl at the end.