Microsoft Connect

May 20th, 2010



A primary focus of our next few releases will be on our “site-wide” experiences: clearer site purpose; clear call-to-actions; engagement discovery; expectation setting; feedback tracking; etc. 


We invite you to give us your feedback, as well as to join our Connect Improvement Program to discuss these changes in our newsgroups.


In this upcoming release, a new Home Page and Product Directory will be introduced:





 Connect Home Page


Main Changes


·         Cleaner and simpler UI


·         Clear call to action: find products accepting feedback


·         Product/Program search


·         Clearer site focus: bugs and suggestions for Microsoft products currently accepting community feedback


·         Showcase user’s feedback impact on Microsoft products


·         Connect-wide news by the Connect team







 Connect Product Directory



Main Changes


·         Easier-to-navigate directory, including column sorting


·         Feedback Centric: products not currently accepting bugs or suggestions moved to secondary screen


·         Product/Program search


·         Display User Status in Programs


·         Products belong to only one category


·         Product Logo added


·         Grid shows the type of feedback currently being accepted and the audience availability