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  • Blog Post: Part III: 3D Chess game using HTML5 and CSS3 now available (Windows Store sample)

    The 3D chess app is a hybrid HTML5 and CSS3 app. The board is animated using CSS3 perspective transforms and hardware-accelerated rotations. CSS3 animations are also used to add, move, capture, and remove chess pieces from the board. Board rotations render all chess pieces on an HTML5 <canvas>...
  • Blog Post: Access a Web service using the Hub template (Windows 8.1)

    Visual Studio 2013 Preview includes a new project template for Windows 8.1 apps, the Hub App project template. Out of the box, the Hub template demonstrates an implementation of a hierarchical navigation pattern for Windows Store apps. To populate <img> elements, ListView controls, and text elements...
  • Blog Post: Windows Store tiles and logos done right

    Tiles are the most important piece of art your Windows Store app has, so you should get them right. Note that this post is just about basic, static tiles, not the dynamic ones. Here are the principles: Do not ship a lame tile. Supply a Wide Logo (again, if your art is not lame) Get your colors...
  • Blog Post: Windows Store versus Google Play

    Related to the subject of making money with Windows 8 apps , is a comparison with Google Play (main outlet for Android apps), mostly around how each store compares in terms of making money. Jennifer Marsman did a lot of research putting this together: Comparison of Windows Store vs. Google Play .
  • Blog Post: Accessing roaming data in the cloud by using SkyDrive

    Do you want to create an app that can store data in the cloud? Do you want to access that data from any Windows 8–based device running your app? Do you want to access cached data when a network connection isn't available? Then read on…. Let's say you want to create a roaming...
  • Blog Post: 5 ways to help your game or app gain mass appeal (Windows Phone & Windows Store)

    An application or game does not have to be flashy or sophisticated to please customers and get lots of downloads. My simple text adventure games ( Wizard’s Choice and Zombie High Volume 1 ) have had 800,000+ downloads of Windows Phone and Windows Store versions over the last year and has been in...
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