We are on the D-day!  TechEd India Day 1 is starting in a few hours and we are all but excited and waiting to see you get entrenched in technology for the next few days.  To begin with, Steve Ballmer would be keynoting, starting 10am Indian Time.  Post that, we will kick off the main sessions around 11:15am. 

As we mentioned earlier, today we have around seven tracks and all of them have loads of useful information that you might not want ot miss.

The event is happening live at HICC, Novotel Hotel, Hyderabad which is a great venue for hosting these big events.  We are waiting to see more than 2500 attendees who have confirmed their presence in addition to the on-premise registrations that keep coming in.

If you are in a different city and unfortunately could not come down to Hyderabad, you can catch Steve Ballmer Live at http://www.microsoft.com/india/teched2009/

Currently it is playing Soma, our VPs message to the Devs, IT Pros around the value of Tech Ed.  Once the event kicks off, you would be able to see the actual Steve Ballmer keynote, streamed in this place.

We encourage you to come down and join us with spot registration, if you still missed all this information and want to join us for this grand event.  Otherwise, there are a certain tracks that gets streamed live as well and you can find more information on this at www.msteched.in

Lets kick off Tech Ed India 2009 and make it a grand success!!!

MSDN India