When we did the regional webcasts pilot in March, it had great reception.  Clearly the difference in satisfaction while doing in the regional language was far ahead of doing the same in English.  This time we are delivering it again in English & Tamil to begin with.  The topic is an interesting one as well since these days everyone talks about Cloud.  This webcast series aims at taking the journey of an ASP.NET Developer from Web to the Cloud world.  Watch out as it slowly unwinds, traditional ASP.NET + WCF to REST based programming and slowly moves to the Data Services and then on to the Windows Azure platform.

While this is an experimental initiative, it doesnt necessarily mean that one has to follow all these steps before getting your app to the cloud.  This explores the different options available when talking about cloud computing and how they all fit into the .NET and Visual Studio paradigm.

To take an example, the ADO.NET Data Services part is not required if you are architecting your next cloud app using Windows Azure.  Similarly, the WCF => REST is also something that just provides a way to REST enable your WCF service and is not essentially a part of the Cloud journey.

However, to make it connected, we will try and explore common samples.

You can register for the webcast from www.microsoft.com/india/webcasts or smply login to the webcast from the same page, when it happens.

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