We delivered the journey of an "ASP.NET Developer to Cloud" webcast series recently and the response has been overwhelming.  The excitement around Cloud technologies and particularly Windows Azure has been great.  We also delivered this as a multi-lingual webcast both in English and Tamil.  This helped us to reach to a large set of audience who are very good in programming skills but have challenges in understanding certain areas when explained in English.  Some of the feedbacks we received

"First of all ,Excellent Job...Please keep it up."

"A perfect way of handling a session in my own language. In general our guys used to translate everything in the Tamil language including the nouns which always makes me tired. But these 2 people never made me tiered and got my attention always in to the session.. Greatly appreciated."

The Evangelists are planning to put the technical content of the webcast in their blogs shortly.  Meanwhile, we thank you for taking the time to attend these webcasts and hope you found them beneficial.

The recordedings for all the webcasts can be viewed from http://www.microsoft.com/india/webcasts/ondemand.aspx

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