Our premier online event Virtual TechDays is back and we would be hosting this event in August 3rd week.  The specific dates and other details would be up on the www.virtualtechdays.com website shortly.  Meanwhile, you can visit the website and watch videos / download presentations of earlier Virtual TechDays. 

We are collecting a list of various topics that would be of interest to developers, architects as well as IT professionals and would be putting up these options on the site.  Once the registration link is available, you would be able to chose the topics that you would like to hear.  This is our way to ensure that you listen to what you want to hear rather than what we want to talk.

This quarter is going to have some of the exciting releases such as the recent Silverlight release, Expression Blend 3 + Sketchflow RC release as well as the Windows 7 RC that was released sometime back.  Hence, we have lots of stuff to talk about.  Also, this is our first interaction with all of you post our mega Tech Ed in May this year. 

We hope to catch up with you during Virtual TechDays and request you to keep watching www.virtualtechdays.com for registration and more information.

You can also post your favorite topics in the comments over here.

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