It has been a long time since we talked to you over this blog although we have been interacting over various forums such as Virtual TechDays, Regional VirtualTechdays, TechForge India, etc.,

Virtual TechDays concluded almost a month back and we are sure you were eagerly looking for the presentations and videos.  The good news is that, we have all of them uploaded to

However, this time, we have done it in such a way that you wouldn’t have to wait to download the entire video to be able to watch them.  We have made them download progressively, so that you can watch them without having to wait till the entire video is downloaded.  The only thing you would require is to have the latest version of Silverlight runtime installed.  You can download it for free from

Once you visit the site i.e., it loads the Silverlight player (if you already have SL installed) and then you would be able to see a screen as below:-


As you can see, the videos are categorized based on the track and you can choose to attend either the Developer Track / IT Pro Track or the Architect Track.  Once you click on the same, you will get a listing of the sessions under the respective track as below:-


Once you click on a particular session from the listing above, a player starts showing as below


Also, in the bottom you can notice the links “Summary”, “Resources” and “Share”.  The “Summary” provides the abstract of the session while the “Resources” is from where you could actually download the Presentation File.  You can also share this with your friends using Facebook and other utilities from the “Share” tab.


You can also use the “<<” icon in the top to go back to listing and explore further sessions that you may want to attend. 

We are in the process of getting the Regional VTD Session videos up as well and would follow up with a post once that is done.  Till then, happy viewing the VTD Videos.

MSDN India