For those of you who haven't heard, Windows Vista released to manufacturing (RTM'd) last week!  And just prior to Vista, the .NET Framework 3.0 also RTM'd.  We've been covering Windows Vista and .NET Framework 3.0 development in MSDN Magazine for a while now, but now that the they're released, you can expect much more in-depth coverage going forward.  For now, for those of you getting ready to develop applications for Windows Vista, check out some of the really interested articles we've run in MSDN Magazine over the past few months.  For example, in the October 2006 issue, Justin Smith wrote an article that should appeal to all of you interested in networking and peer-to-peer communications: Peer To Peer: Harness The Power Of P2P Communication In Windows Vista And WCF.  In his own words:

"P2P development in Windows Vista is a huge topic, and no single article can cover it fully. So instead of attempting the impossible, I'll introduce some of the different P2P technologies in Windows Vista, and provide background for your P2P development efforts."