We've heard a lot of feedback that code samples are one of the most important things we can provide on the MSDN Magazine Web site. 

Ask and we shall provide!  Our new code exploration feature just went live.  Where previously you were only able to download the large code projects that accompany most of our articles, now you can also browse through those projects online, viewing all of the source code without ever leaving the site.  This should also allow you to find that code easier through search engines, and if you find a sample you particularly like and want to highlight, you can easily link to it from your blog or wherever else. 

To take advantage of the feature, simply click the "Get the sample code for this article" link at the top of an article that has code available (if you hover over the link, you'll also be provided with a link to download it as you have in the past).  For example, clicking on the link on Jeffrey Richter's article in the March 2007 issue brings you to this code exploration page.

Right now, the feature is enabled on all articles with code downloads since the January 2005 issue.  With this initial implementation up and running, we'll now work to get previous years up as well.  For those of you who use our translated articles, you'll notice that the navigation strings used in the feature haven't yet been localized: not to worry, that will happen soon (though unfortunately we don't have the resources at the moment to localize comments and such in the actual code).  And we have a whole list of things we want to add for the next release to make the feature even more useful.

If you like the feature, by all means let us know.  If you have feedback, comments, or suggestions, let us hear those as well.  We do this for you, so let us know if we're on track.