As I mentioned in a recent editor's note, one topic that you said you would like to see more of is database development.  While this request was not entirely unexpected, it's not all that clearly defined in my mind either.  I think that the reason has more to do with the length of time that I've been at Microsoft than it does how clear the topic is defined.  To elaborate, internally we tend to look at database development as more the function of somebody in the "IT Professional" classification.  Practically (and historically), that means that articles fitting into this genre are better suited for TechNet Magazine than they are for MSDN Magazine.  We currently run the "Data Points" column which focuses on data access - but from our recent reader survey results, it seems like that's not covering all of what's needed.

That said, I understand that the reality is that you as developers wear many hats - and designing and implementing databases is one of them.

So, the bottom line is that I could use your help in scoping this a little better.  What specific kinds of topics related to database development are you looking for in MSDN Magazine?