I’m working on a story, and I’d like your help. It’s about the biggest mistakes made by developers who work on mobile platforms. The mistakes need to be specific to mobile platform development. What were your biggest screw-ups? What have you learned from them? What are the biggest mistakes you see other developers make?

Ideally, I’d be looking for anywhere from 3-5 common mistakes. If you have more or less, however, don’t hesitate to pass them along. And these are for any mobile platform, whether it’s Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7, iOS, webOS, Android or whatever.

I’d like to use full names wherever possible. If anonymity is needed, however, just tell me, and I’ll use your first name and last initial only (or find some other way to protect you, if you need more than that).

Feel free to be as brief or detailed as possible. Share your story, if you have a good one, of something you did that you later regretted. Pass along your words of wisdom for other developers, and show them what to avoid.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you. I can be reached here. Thanks in advance for participating in this!


Keith Ward

Editor in Chief, MSDN Magazine