The Search team is just coming to the end of our 1st production development cycle with the new codebase.  After a dozen or so public builds and plenty of feedback, the project has been signed off for production. 

It'll take a few days to get the release management stars in alignment, but the code is locked and loaded.  The code is currently live in the Lab (, I'll post the live URL later in the week.

Highlights of this release include:
  • Powered by MSN Search - all tabs except Codezone use MSN Search technologies for better relevance and performance.  While superficially this seems like a small thing, this is an enabler for a whole slew of ideas we've got for our next iterations.  This iteration also adds support for MSN's complex query syntax
  • Can switch back and forth between Microsoft and community results with one click without leaving the search page
  • MSDN Forums, with 10,000's of answered questions & an active community generating new answers every day.
  • Codezone Premiere Sites, the best 3rd-party sites for articles & samples targeting the Microsoft developer platform
  • Simpler UI which aligns well with Visual Studio 2005's own search UI
  • OpenSearch - some nifty code to integrate MSDN into IE7, or leverage our search results on other sites.
  • RSS - track developer hot topics on MSDN through your RSS Reader.
Looking to the future, we'll keep the lab going.  We've had a lot of feedback browser compatibility - in coming iterations we're looking at:
  • Improving site "crawlability".  Will help search crawlers get much deeper into the site,  reduce duplicate links, and eliminate those sporadic "d=robots" results.
  • Full XHTML 1.0 Compliance, better support on all browsers that our developers use and no-scripting scenarios for more constrained corporate policies.  (yes that does mean Firefox and Opera)
  • Globalized Language support.
  • "Search From Here" - e.g. all documents that refer to XmlDocument in the System.Xml namespace.
  • Filtering Results.  Different ways to slice and dice results.
  • Technet Support
As developers we've got our own favourites in this list, how would you prioritize this list, what have we missed?