The MSDN and TechNet search team would like to announce to you the launch of a new MSDN search based on the MSN® Search Web Service.  Built on the experience gathered during our Labs deployment, the search team has spent the last three months iterating on Customer Feedback to create a framework to build great search experiences on that support Developers and in the near future IT Pros worldwide.


Our approach was to baseline search & customer data, deploy Prototypes to MSDN Labs and divert traffic from the Live Site (20K queries/day). A total of 1.5 million queries were used to log detailed usage data, solicit customer feedback, and  monitor blogs and websites.  During this Lab time the team went through 11 total iterations!


Customer Benefits


·         Improved Performance!

·         Content Relevance – Benefit from ever improving MSN Search!

·         Community Searches across MSDN blogs, Forums, and CodeZone Partner Sites

·         Customer Feedback opportunities through MSDN Search Blog, and MSN Search Feedback loop.

Features and Enhancements:


MSN integration - The MSN® Search Web Service enabled us to create search applications that return results from the MSN Search Engine.


Spellchecking  Users are given suggested terms for words that are commonly misspelled.


Community Content -  CodeZone Communities, Forums and MSDN Blogs content searchable through tabs on the page.


OpenSearch Technology -  is a set of simple formats for the sharing of search results uses the simple syndication format RSS, along with a document describing the search engine and allows users to subscribe to the engine as the default search in more advanced browsers.


RSS Subscriptions -  Users can subscribe to the results of a unique query and read those results the browser or other RSS reader.