Just a quick note.  (I will follow up with more later.) So far we have had mixed results from you the customer.  Thanks for all the constructive comments.  So let me address a few:

  • Language Support:  Today MSN's crawler doesn't do a great job of reading MSDN language tags, so we do get some mixed results.  We are triaging the problem in our content and are working with MSN to create a great multi-lingual version of site, so that you can set your language preference.
  • Advanced Search:   Several people have pinged me about advanced search.  Yes it is gone for now. But we are launching a modified UI in Labs later this month to get your feedback on advanced search features.
  • MSN query syntax:  It is true that we support the query syntax which offers powerful features to boost the quality of your search.  I will post a Help Guide later this week to explain how to use it in detail.
  • Outage:  There was a brief outage last night.  We are working to MSN to ensure that this does not happen in the future.  

Thanks for your feedback.  We are listening and want to work with you to improve this search experience.