We are in the process of updating our labs site where we are working on future innovations and current in-development projects.   The address is below:


Our old labs site will still be around until we decommission some older sites.  But you really have to go and check this out there is a really cool new project a world wide events control.  Check out the version with the integrated maps control.  It is wicked cool!   It is still very much a beta, but check it out and provide some feedback to the team. Their blog is here.

Search v2.0

We have moved the refinement UI to be our main labs experience.  We have improved the scoping functionality and updated the contingency design.  I am looking for feedback on the types of scopes that we have on the site.  For those of you coming from the TechNet Site, we would love to hear about the types of scopes you would like to see when we update the TechNet site.