Last week we release a major update to our search tool.   We shipped a new version based on the Labs prototype that we launched last spring. This release is full of features that were influenced heavily by YOU! Your feedback, all the emails and comments resulted in the features we chose to ship.   Try it and let us know what you think,  I think you will love the improved performance and better results.


Try it for yourself!



Features and Enhancements:

Live Search Integration - The Live® Search Web Service has been improved over the last year, this release enables us to take advantage of features included in the web service today, but will also allow us to take advantage of new features in the future by reducing the complexity of our integration with Live.


Expanded Content -  In this release we allow customers to search a wide range of sites for Developer and IT Pro content allowing the user to expand the query to the entire internet.


Refinements and Pre-scoping -  You now have the ability to narrow or broaden their searches based on products or technologies as well as categories and sources of content.


Auto-complete (English only) -  In an effort to reduce misspelled or incorrect queries, customers will be able to have query terms suggested to them which they can select and search on.


Globalized Search -  In this release, customers will have the ability to search in ten languages Korean, Japanese, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, German and French.


Language Switching -  To provide as much content to our global users as possible users can change the language of the results.  This lets a user stay in their native locale but see the results from another language.


What’s next:

·              In the next few weeks we will be turning on pre-scoping in our user interface which will allow people to narrow their search from the homepage or from any page in the coming centers.

·               Additional languages:  in the future we hope to extend our global search experience to additional locales

·              In future releases we will add Auto-Complete for non-English sites; We will be looking into creating a equivalent experience for our non-English customers.