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  • Blog Post: Senior VP at the Intern Party?

    Steven Sinofsky , a senior vice president at Microsoft in the Office group, has a blog . In his latest entry he talks about a party the Office group throws for their summer interns. I think it is interesting that Microsoft VPs believe that interns are important enough to show up at parties to talk to...
  • Blog Post: TechEd

    Over at theSpoke, Brian Scarbeau is blogging about TechEd . Sounds like he was impressed with the opening keynote. - Alfred Thompson
  • Blog Post: MSN Newsbot

    MSN Newsbot uses search and MSNBC to gather news from over 4,000 sources on the internet. Read all about it at the MSN Sandbox . Try the US version at But if you live some place else visit the Sandbox site for direct links to well over 20 custom bots for different languages...
  • Blog Post: Xbox power cords recalled

    MSNBC reports that Microsoft is recalling 14.1 million power cords for its Xbox video game console. Order your free replacement today from . -James (California State Univ., Long Beach)
  • Blog Post: Tsunami assistance just by changing your avatar

    Mario Jobbe says that from now until the end of February, theSpoke will donate $5 to the Red Cross for every avatar that is changed on theSpoke to one of three icons: Blue Avatar (tsunami_help_blue.gif) Green Avatar (tsunami_help_green.gif) Red Avatar (tsunami_help_red.gif) When you change your avatar...
  • Blog Post: Who is your MSA?

    For those attending a school in the United States you can now find out if there is a Microsoft Student Ambassador on your campus. Check out the Student Ambassador site and learn how you can become a Microsoft Student Ambassador! -James (California State Univ., Long Beach)
  • Blog Post: Up for the ChallengE?

    Alfred Thompson says the sign up for Windows Challenge has been extended until February 6th. This is a great contest for Computer Engineering students. Sign up today! -James (California State Univ., Long Beach)
  • Blog Post: Linux Vulnerabilities Creep Toward the Desktop

    As Linux increasingly hits the enterprise and consumer mainstream, a growing number of security threats are emerging which prey on holes in applications and files managed by desktop users. Read more... -James (California State Univ., Long Beach)
  • Blog Post: Get your search results as RSS Feeds

    Ever wanted your search results as an RSS feed? Now you can as msnsearch's WebLog explains. Here is an example for Imagine Cup : -James (Cal. State University, Long Beach)
  • Blog Post: Need a Good Laugh?

    Check out Conan O'Brien talk about technology. Well enjoying Conan you can also get a glipse into Bill Gates vision of consumer electronics. View the Pre International Consumer Electronics Show Keynote 100k (dial-up) 300k (broadband) --Eric (Grand Valley State University)
  • Blog Post: Inside story on SP2

    Paul Thurrott has an interesting interview with Todd Wanke, Ryan Burkhardt, and Jon Murchinson about the creation of Windows XP SP2 . If you are wondering why SP2 is so big, Rebecca Norlander answered that question on Channel 9 as well as gave a demo of SP2. While you are with friends and family during...
  • Blog Post: The power of grad students...

    Students at University of Illinois Chicago dug under the covers of various UNIX applications and claim to have discovered 44 bugs . -Kevin
  • Blog Post: Bill Gates on the secret of success

    Bill Gates, Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect, answers the questions he is asked most frequently, including the secret to his success. -James (Cal. State University, Long Beach)
  • Blog Post: Ever wonder how people actually use cameraphones?

    Kevin Schofield , from Microsoft Research, points to an interesting study .
  • Blog Post: Researchers claim Linux has fewer bugs

    From Slashdot: Wired has an article stating that according to a four-year analysis of the 5.7 million lines of Linux source code conducted by five Stanford University computer science researchers, the Linux kernel programming code is better and more secure than the programming code of most proprietary...
  • Blog Post: Is your department a member of MSDNAA?

    MSDN Academic Alliance school member search site now includes the URL's for MSDNAA Software Centers. Ever wonder what software other departments make available? -James (Cal. State University, Long Beach)
  • Blog Post: Find anything, anywhere, fast!

    Finals are almost over so now what are you going to do? How about some nice beta software to play with in time for the holidays? Check out the MSN Toolbar Suite beta . -James (Cal. State University, Long Beach)
  • Blog Post: The Buzz - ConferenceXP

    Conference XP is an initiative from Microsoft Research to push the boundaries of collaboration in the classroom, through distance learning, and more. It’s the type of classroom your professors would droll over! Download the latest version of the client application to get started. Not your thing? Try...
  • Blog Post: Try out a cool new (and free!) blogging engine

    MSN Spaces just launched in beta. It's got great integration with the latest version of MSN Messenger (7.0). Definitely worth playing around with if you enjoy blogging!
  • Blog Post: Have you tried the MSN Messenger Beta?

    Check out the latest MSN Messenger Beta . I just started running it and it's pretty sweet. --Eric (Grand Valley State University)
  • Blog Post: Bill gets spam too

    Ian Ceicys , a Microsoft Student Ambassador, points to an article that says Bill Gates gets millions of spam emails a day. How much spam do you get? -James (Cal. State University, Long Beach)
  • Blog Post: Are you ready to change the world?

    The Windows Embedded Student ChallengE 2005 has launched! The competition challenges undergraduate teams of four, with a faculty mentor, to design a computer-based system that solves a real-world problem. 30 teams will be selected to present in-person to a panel of judges in Redmond, WA with the 1st...
  • Blog Post: Want to chat with the product teams?

    Have ever wished that you could chat with a specific product team at Microsoft ? Stop wishing and start doing, check out the MSDN Online Chats . --Eric (Grand Valley State University)
  • Blog Post: Keep in contact all the time

    If you are stuck in a computer lab, but it does not have Windows Messenger or MSN Messenger what do you do? Since it is important to consult your friends while working you can use MSN Web Messenger . -James (Cal. State University, Long Beach)
  • Blog Post: Smart Cards are Running .NET

    Axalto just released a press release on a new commercial deployment of a Microsoft .NET-based Smart Card. According to Gates these ID passes have been commissioned for all Microsoft employees around the world, read more here … --Eric (Grand Valley State University)
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